• goodbye possums but more please

    wow, i’ve been so distracted from tbaoo and my silly writing. you may have noticed dear reader that i’ve been running about home handyman’ing. digging unbelievable large, rock and clay ridden holes for my new trees and not writing any pithy writings for either. 

  • saw prometheus and very confused

    wow .. that’s the best response i can think of just now. i saw prometheus in the imax cinema in 3d and i’m so glad i did. the worlds developed, the cinematography, special effects and hints of more to come. all hiding within unbelievable layers within layers and it has really sucked me in.

  • skyfall is here soon

    ok, i’ll be quick – it’s bond time again. he’s back and he looks pissed, i mean that in the american sense, he doesn’t look drunk. you can check it out here, if this copyright nonsense mucks things up …. http://youtu.be/xJ4dAY3DW4c 

  • how much fun is enough fun

    ok i love google, i love youtube and i love apple. so that’s out of the way, here’s my gripe. i’ve been merrily posting top quality free range, funky, enlightening, sexy videos on tbaoo and basking in my cleverness, nowhere near inverness mind you and what do i find ? no bugger in the key(…)

  • my sense of humour is threatened

    i’m losing my sense of humour, it’s being sapped by tawdry, second rate television and an overdose of “brain numbingly dumbed down”, ( loosely described as ) entertainment offerings. the most ridiculous aspect of this recent turn of events, is that the only laughing i seem to enjoy nowadays is laughing “at” the media. the(…)

  • your mother was a hamster

    well what can i say, nothing it seems. i’ve a block in my writing department the size of a large apartment building filled with eager occupants and three levels of quality retail outlets. the problem is that i’m completely undwerwhelmed with everything ring on at the moment, i’ve exhausted some mighty weird shit in the(…)

  • must see friday love story

    i think a break in routine is called for. i received this video today and i really think it should be shared immediately. as you may be aware dear reader, friday is normally reserved for a friday moment, well could you please consider this multi image video as a few remarkable moments and decide when(…)

my recent brush with the law

my recent brush with the law

recently i was selected at random ( although this is the second time in 12 months ) to be in a pool of suitable jurors. i say suitable but at my second attempt i was challenged, i.e rejected. despite what they say, it was taken as a personal slight of sorts, but i’ve got over it.(…)

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