for all you car thieves who may be lurking .. hang on i’m not suggesting that you’re a thief dear reader, simply that evil people sneak about, while you’re reading this diamond like electronic conversation. my bride and i have splashed out on a new car , it’s a very very rare ( one of about 300 million sold ) hyundai getz, 1.4, 3 door, ( yes my darling it’s the wrong photo ) manual, white beast with the same registration as our trade in .. amazing i hear you mumble, yes we swapped the plates, so my bride can remember the details ( and so she may retain a link with her much loved little car ) and confuse the shit out of any casual thief like observers. we have actually found that it’s cheaper to insure the new one, we will get ( z ) a refund, go figure.

so it’s “so long” to the 10 year old daewoo matiz .. i’ve just realised we are sticking with korean cars? any-who, we are slated to collect the new throbbing 1.4 litre cc monster today, gone is the less than throbbing 800 cc, sad but it’s been great for ten years and deserves a new and loving home ..

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