well i think it’s official, i can’t dance, unless i’m really drunk, which used to be a lot. not now though, i don’t get drunk, so i don’t dance, i do shake though – far too much some might say – hey chubby. even though i don’t get drunk, i love to laugh and i think  and hope that mr austin powers may be coming to a screen near me ( or may not ) in the future, i can’t get enough of the international man of mystery. i’ve tried grabbing a few select scenes but they are restricted, shit that’s annoying, understandable but annoying just the same. the 3,000 point turn while driving the electric cart thingy in the corridor just makes me roll, “cause jelly don’t shake like that”

so dear reader, while i try to source some more screen gems, here is the rap’n business, it’s a hard luck life … zip it !!

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