well it’s done, it’s dusted and it’s a bloom’n whitewash. the conservatives have won so many seats in the queensland election that they are now so completely in control, they own the place. conservative voters might think that that’s a good thing, i’ll reserve my judgment until i see how they put themselves together, i.e their cabinet and the selection of ministers within that. their selection of local candidates is most interesting and may well provide a good laugh at least. something i’ll enjoy of course.

i as a “non conservative” feel that the wildly proclaimed “need for a change” will come back and haunt us all, the preceding government – the labor party did need a kick to sort things out, but they had navigated qld through the gfc and were far more sensible than the apparent crackpots who are now in power.

remarkably it’s the biggest election victory in australia’s history. the odd and angry little man campbell newman now has the reins, while the other odd and angry little man tony abbott, would be chuffed and energized in that the federal election may well bring about the same result.

just a thought – why is it that in the main, conservatives are backed by billionaires, angry little people and pompous souls with no real social conscience. i don’t know but it gives me the “heeby geebies”. here’s just a glimpse of the devastation, from news.com.au

“The LNP could end up with as many as 78 seats in the 89-seat parliament, with Labor expected to hold just seven, the ABC election calculator shows. For Labor, who held 51 seats going into the election, the bitter recriminations have begun.”

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/lnp-win-all-but-assured/story-e6frfkvr-1226308773921#ixzz1q4vgBrH7

for a complete breakdown of how it went, please check out the electoral commission queensland – http://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/elections/state/State2012/results/summary.html

now, back to normal broadcasting, here’s a tune to warm your socks.

you know the copyright drama so just in case - http://youtu.be/o018byLnMFM

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