i’ve decided that i’m going to change, i have changed since doing the grass and knackering myself in the process. not the process of changing but the physical exertion of cutting the seemingly never-ending acres of grass and all the edges that go with it. no, i’ve decided to change a few things about myself.

these things will become clear to me, just before i change, but for now i’m clueless. i don’t think i’m perfect, i am rather pleased with how i have my shit together, but not well enough me thinks. i have to sort out my none existent social life, do some fucking exercise, lose the weight that seems to just refuse to go and above all else, continue to eat well. i have at least tackled that issue i’m pleased to say.

there are many things that annoy me and the fact that there are, is one thing i need to change. people, news, politics and just about everything else on the planet gives me the shits, a bit of the grumpy old man syndrome. i have to tone down my disappointment in these things and see the good in everything. how the fuck can i do that when they all suck, they suck that badly that it gives me the shits.

i think i’ll try and drag the drum kit out of it’s bags and get pounding again, the stress relief and exercise it offers is truly wonderful and the only reason i put them away was that the new neighbours deserved a rest period when they moved in. their noisy little offspring have placed a null and void sticker right across that good neighbourly gesture on my part.

as mentioned, i’ll also return to a life full of social intercourse. no more being a recluse. i’ll pack up my sense of humour, smile, cheery cheers, empathetic caring attitude and go outside. i don’t know were i’ll go, but i’ll take my camera and return with award winning photographs.

i should also buy some new clothes to go with this new attitude to life. bright colourful up to the minute fashionable clothes that will really make’th the man.

he may still be a grumpy old man, but at least he’ll be out and about, see you there.

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